Friday, September 7, 2012

We made it home!

All I can say is that you all MUST have been praying!  The flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo was a little rough, but the big flight from Tokyo to DFW was GREAT!  We had an extra seat on our row so she had her own spot and she slept probably 8 hours! Now, I paid for it last night when she was up most of the night wanting to get out of bed, but I would rather duke it out at home than on an airplane ANY DAY!

The airport moment with our boys was so wonderful! It was like a dream when I finally laid eyes on them.  I was so excited to see them I could not even contain myself.  They are so sweet an patient with Micah.  She loves having playmates already!

We are home.  All the P's are in the pod, and we are praying for God's gracious gifts of patience and peace every day.  I will post more pictures when I have them.  For now, I just can't thank you all enough for caring and praying for our journey to Micah.  She is finally HOME! 

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  1. So thankful you made the flight home! We were definitely praying for you. Can't wait to meet your little girl!