Saturday, September 15, 2012


I cannot tell you what this picture does to me.  (THANK YOU to my sweet friend, Erica, who came to photograph us at the airport!  ) To finally be home with the rest of the kids, all in one piece, was truly a dream come true.  Just thinking about the airport moment of seeing them once again brought tears to my eyes for days after. Yes, those are homemade "Welcome Home, Micah!' t-shirts the kids are wearing - thanks to some AWESOME babysitters!

Micah is adjusting beautifully!  She is sleeping by herself in her crib through the night without a peep.  Let me tell you, if I can have a full night sleep, I feel like I can conquer the world (or 4 young toddlers).  She is loving playing with her brothers more and more, and we are seeing more of her true personality come out.  She is really pretty darling.  It is sort of like an onion where we are peeling back the layers as she begins to feel more at home.  And her hair is already getting longer!  I know that really doesn't matter, but I just CAN'T WAIT to get some Asian pigtails going!

Sure enough, Micah is beginning to feel more and more "like ours." If I am not around, she LOVES being with her daddy, but she can still give him a run for his money if I am in the room, too.  Thankfully, I married a patient man, and he treasures the time with her when they are alone.

We are a family of 6 now, and I certainly feel the weight of that.  However, the Lord has been gracious to give us joy in the journey and energy when we are exhausted.  Thank you for caring about us and joining us on our journey to Micah! 




  1. Amazing pictures...portraying powerful emotion!

  2. Amazing pictures!!!! They made ME tear up. Congratulations on the new addition to your beautiful family. xo

  3. the best pictures EVER!!! loved reading this journey!!!!

  4. So happy for you guys. Micah has come home! (I'm waiting for Audrey to get some Asian pigtails too.)