Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Praise God for McDonalds...

And I am not talking about the food!

Tonight, something amazing happened. We were waiting for our dinner at McDonald's. (Let me please say this is the FIRST non-Chinese meal we have eaten since Friday. Everyone needs a little comfort food every now and then!) we were waiting for our meal and Micah grabs REID'S hand and pulls him over to the display of the happy meal toys. Then he picks her up to look at them. Not a peep from Micah.  THEN our food is ready. I go bring it to the table and Reid picks up Micah and puts her in his lap to eat, and SHE DOES IT WITHOUT SCREAMING! Wait! Wait! It gets better! Then we go to leave and she let's him hold her all the way down the block. SHE EVEN SMILES!

She then asked to be put in the stroller without shrieking or wining, and then she let's him PUSH THE STROLLER!!!!! Well, we were high fiving like idiots for the next block and a half! It was like this little light bulb went off in her head that, "OK...maybe this guy is not so bad after all."  People, let me tell you it was like the skies opened up and God reached down to give us this little blessing.  She still swatted his hand away and wouldn't let him hold her when we got back to the hotel, but WHO CARES!?!? There is hope! Yippee!

Thank you for your prayers. We had a great night! We may go to McDonald's every night! (ok...not really!) 


  1. What a wonderful photo! So happy to hear that you got a break from the tears. Thinking of you and wishing you many more smiles than tears!

  2. Hello!! Alexis Bolz gave me your blog.

    And let me tell you - I almost cried on our 2nd trip when the double cheeseburger and fries in Beijing tasted exactly like home!

    PS. Our second adopted in Feb 2011 we had a SCREAMER. She screamed every time Mike came near her for days. It was totally and completely hard, but be encouraged, it gets better.